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Innovative cakes with elaborate taste

Complete Cakes Made To Order

Our Complete Specilty cakes cannot be modified

All cakes listed below are 8" Round, 3 layer cakes and serve 10 - 16 people

Prices range from $35-$55

Please call for specific pricing

Basket Case - Moist chocolate cake, iced and filled with buttercream, wrapped in Kit Kats, Twix, Milano cookies, or Pirouette cookies, finished with a ribbon and topped with M&M or Reese's pieces candies

Black Forest - German chocolate cake, filled with whipped cream and kirsch infused cherries, iced with whipped cream topped with chocolate shavings and fresh cherries

Boston Cream Pie- A classic yellow cake, filled with a rick vanilla pastry filling, and topped with a chocolate glaze

Brownie Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough - A 3 layer brownie cake, filled with cookie dough buttercream, topped with a fudge ganache, and topped with brownie chunks

Butter Pecan - A rich butter cake with pecans baked into the cake, iced and layered with cream cheese frosting, and topped with a ring of pecans

Carrot Cake - A moist spiced carrot cake, iced and layered with cream cheese frosting

Chocolate Mocha Layer Cake - A rich moist chocolate cake, layered with a mocha chocolate cream filling, iced with a coffee liqueur ganache icing

Chocolate Stout - A super moist chocolate stout cake, iced and layered with a chocolate icing, and topped with chocolate curls

Cookies and Cream - Vanilla bean cake with crushed Oreos baked in, filled with Oreo buttercream, iced with buttercream, adorned with whole Oreo cookies

Coconut - A moist coconut cake, iced and layered with coconut cream cheese frosting, coated with shredded coconut

German Chocolate Cake- A rich moist chocolate cake, iced with a rich chocolate frosting, filled and topped with a coconut pecan filling

Lemon Blueberry - Sweet lemon layer cake, dotted with blueberries, layered and iced with cream cheese frosting, adorned with fresh blueberries

Lemon Sunrise - A moist lemon cake, iced with buttercream, and filled with a smooth lemon curd

Maple Pecan - A nut filled maple cake, iced with a smooth cream cheese frosting

Muddy Mississippi (aka Mississippi Mud Pie)- A layer of cookie crumbs, a rich moist chocolate cake, a layer of chocolate pudding, topped with whipped cream

Mudslide - A rich chocolate Kahlua cake, layered and iced with Kahlua and Bailey's buttercream

Peppermint Chocolate - A rich chocolate cake infused with peppermint, and iced with a peppermint buttercream

Pinata - Can be made with chocolate or yellow layer cake, iced with chocolate buttercream, and filled with bite sized candies of your choice

Red Velvet - a rich moist red velvet cake layered and iced with cream cheese frosting

Salted Caramel Chocolate - A devils food chocolate cake, layered with salted caramel cheesecake filling, iced with salted caramel buttercream

Snow Ball - A moist chocolate cake, filled with a marshmallow cream, iced with buttercream, topped with shredded coconut dyed the color of your choice

Triple Chocolate Layer - A dark devils food chocolate cake, iced and filled with a milk chocolate frosting, and adorned with dark chocolate chips, and dark chocolate curls